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Information Regarding Your Pets




Please click the link below to view our medication pricing.



You have (2) options when it comes to the food we give your pet, during its vacation at Wye River Kennel. 
OPTION 1:  Use of Wye River Kennel's Dog food.  This is included (at no extra daily cost) should you choose this option.  We provide Purina® Dog Chow Premium Food for all canine guests and they love it!
OPTION 2:  Owner supplied food.  If your pet is accustomed to a specific type or style of food, we welcome you to bring it.  Should you choose this option we suggest proportioning out your pets food in individual bags, for morning and night feedings.  If your pet will be staying for an extensive period of time, all dry food must be supplied in (1) large individual container.  Please be sure to label your pets first and last name on the container and indicate amount of food per serving (For Example: 1 cup, Twice a day).


Should your pet be on any medication, please follow the guidelines listed below:
  • Any and ALL PILL FORM medications, must be supplied to Wye River Kennel in individualized daily AM and/or PM dosages, as indicated by your veterinarian.  We highly suggest an AM/PM pill container, with the proper amount of medication allocated for each day.  We also suggest providing (extra) medication, in-case your pet stays longer than expected. 


Wye River Kennel must have evidence from a veterinarian of the vaccinations listed below prior to the arrival of each pet:

  • Dogs: Current Rabies and Bordetella vaccines and, for dogs under 2 years of age, Distemper / Parva vaccines are required!

  • PLEASE NOTE: In order for the bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination to be most effective, it is required to be given AT LEAST 72 hours prior to your pets boarding here at Wye River Kennel.  Bordetella vaccinations given within 12 months of your pets stay are accepted.

  • Cats: Annual rabies, depending on vet documentation, annual respiratory; annual distemper.


  • Owner supplied food that is not properly proportioned will be subject to an added charge of $1.00 per day for each day your pet is with us. 
  • All guests receive treats on a daily basis. If you pet has any food allergies or digestive disorder, please inform us of such and feel free to bring one small bag of treats for your pet's stay.


  • MEDICATION PROPORTIONS: Owner supplied medication that is not properly proportioned will be subject to an added charge of $1.00 per medication, per dosage, per day, for each day your pet is with us.


  • SHOT RECORDS: It is the owners responsibility, to obtain their pets shots records and provide them to Wye River Kennel. 
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